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Børge Fischer Jensen

Martha was build by Børge Fischer Jensen in 1975 as a service vessel to mark the tidal channels. The cockpit was extra long to allow sufficient space for the seamarks. However, Martha was never used for this purpose, but was sold to Børges brother Hugo's daugher and son-in-law Asta and Willy Morgenstern. They used Martha as a pleasure boat until 1995 when the sanding of Sønderho Harbour made it impossible to moor the boat in the tidal channel.   


1975 Børge Fischer Jensen

1976 Willy Morgenstern

2008 Bjarne Kiholm

2012 Foreningen Skøgum

2019 Foreningen Martha af Sønderho


The purpose of Skøgum is to promote projects which can create maritime experiences and to inform about the maritime culture in the Wadden Sea National Park, including sailing with historical vessels.

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